Sunday, November 20, 2011

Party of The 99 Platform

What might be the platform of a new Party of The 99?

    1) Progressive tax structure.

    2) Promote US manufacturing and infrastructure construction - not speculation and gambling.

    3) Tax speculative transactions on Wall Street to make rapid computer-generated speculation unprofitable.

    4) Fund education and medical services for all.

    5) End all wars of aggression and start by ending assassinations especially by drones.

    6) Rationalize immigration policy

    7) Revoke U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that decreed corporations had constitutional rights

Transparency should be required of the government (with few exceptions which would also soon be made public), all lobbyists and publicly held corporations.

Voting out most of the current Democrats and Republicans who serve corporate interests and replacing them with representatives of The 99 should be a peaceful and lawful goal. The 1% won't just give up, however. We should be prepared to see an increased police/military response using increasingly violent tactics.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy Congress? What a great idea. And DC is warmer than Wall Street. In fact let's take over Congress. We can start with a platform-developing convention and start to create a new party of The 99.